2016-06-28  The moratorium on state control was extended for another three months

The Government has extended by three months, the moratorium on state control, beginning with July 1, 2016.
The extension of the moratorium comes to support the reform of state controls and will allow business to work without pressure, until the entry into force of the legislative >>>

2016-06-15  The number of regulatory agencies will be reduced

The Government of the Republic of Moldova approved some adjustments and changes to the regulatory framework, especially to the Law 131 on the control over the activity of business, which stipulates the essential reduction of the number of regulatory agencies with control functions. Thus, out of 33 existent regulatory agencies only 11 will remain, as well as 5 independent regulators. >>>

2016-06-14  Legal entities who pay wages "in envelopes" will pay a fine up to 75 thousand lei

Fines for payment of wages "in envelopes" will be increased to 25 thousand lei for individuals, and up to 75 thousand lei for legal entities, according to a draft amendment to legislation approved by the Government. >>>

2016-05-30  The Government has approved the draft state budget for 2016

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft law on state budget for 2016 on revenues of 31.37 billion lei and on expenses amounting to 35.56 billion lei, with a deficit worth 4.18 billion lei. >>>

2016-04-29  Happy Easter!

JOY comes from small things, PEACE comes from the soul, HOLIDAYS WARMTH comes from our hearts!

On this holiday, We wish you to enjoy with your loved ones the holy meaning of these bright  days. >>>

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